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Western Steeplejacks Services

Exceeding Your Expectations


Lightning conductor tests and installation, Earthing, Flagpole Installation, Ecclesiastical repairs & maintenance, Rope access work, Gutter clearance, Re-pointing, Rendering & General Maintenance in difficult to access areas, Clock & weather vane gilding, Chimney repairs & restoration, photographic & video inspections, Bird Detterant, Pest Control and netting installation, high level camera installation, roofing repairs, De-weeding, Painting and Decorating, Eye Bolt Installation, Eye Bolt Testing, Rain Water Goods Repair, Rain Water Installation, Wildlife Camera Installation + Much more


Steel Chimneys

  • Surface preparation

  • Painting

  • Welding

  • Over plating

  • Aluminum cladding

  • Guy wire servicing / renewal

  • Fall arrest systems

  • Refractory brick linings repaired and rebuilt

  • Gunned refractory linings repaired or replaced

  • Aircraft warning lights

  • Steel linings and insulation repaired or replaced

  • Lightning protection & earthing

  • Strengthening works

  • Dampers serviced & installed

  • Internal & external cleaning

Concrete Chimneys

  • Concrete repairs using non shrinkable cementitious materials or epoxy resin based materials

  • Fracture repairs either polysulphide sealed or resin injected

  • Painting

  • Refractory brick lining repaired and rebuilt

  • Steel linings repaired or replaced

  • Lightning protection/earthing

  • Internal & external cleaning

  • Fall arrest systems

  • Aircraft warning lights

Brick Chimneys

  • Brickwork refurbishment including re-pointing and brick fascia replacement

  • Repair of step fractures — resin injected or re-stitched

  • Partial demolition and capping

  • Rebuild of external/internal walls

  • External steel restraining bands installed

  • Lightning protection & earthing

  • Aircraft warning lights

  • Internal & external cleaning

  • Fall arrest systems


Slate Replacement, Gutter Clearance, Chimney Re-pointing, Roof Maintenance, Rope Access, Difficult Access, General Re-pointing, High Level Vegetation Removal

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